Build Inner Peace. Make Bigger Waves.


Join me on a program that's a clearinghouse for calmness...that lights a path to your own leadership truth, giving you practical tools and inner courage to lead with even more clarity and integrity.





Meet Your Program Host

Maya Mathias - creator of the Executive Book Club Podcast

This Program Helps You With:


The feeling of being increasingly overwhelmed by the daily stresses of running your business or leading your team

Career growth

Wanting to move into a bigger role for your business, team or organization and you’re not sure how to reinvent yourself

Constant change

Being challenged by change and not knowing how to adjust to the ‘new normal’ at work or in life

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If these scenarios are painfully familiar, then joining my Inner Peace Project (IPP) is right for you.

The IPP is still in beta mode and therefore coming to you at a lower price.

In exchange for this beta pricing, I’m asking for a) your input via a pre- and post-program survey and b) your kind testimonial to use in my future marketing (we’ll keep your identity as confidential or as public as you wish).


Why the IPP, and Why Now?

This is not a program for you if you maybe, someday, want to become a more powerful leader.  The world of work is changing rapidly, and many organizations are waking up to the need for leaders who champion the ‘softer’ aspects of leadership like collaboration, meaning and purpose.

It’s becoming an accepted fact that organizations led by those who embrace these leadership traits are more productive, enjoy higher profits, develop true win-win alliances with business partners and save money due to lower turnover and (re-)training costs.

The foundational work we do in IPP lays the fertile soil for these ‘softer’ elements of leadership to thrive within you.






What Will the IPP Give You?

When you lead from a state of inner peace, you’ll be able to handle complex decisions, faster.  Instead of looking at a problem from one or two dimensions, you will cultivate a broader and deeper appreciation of each challenge that comes before you.  You’ll become more open to input from your team, and more able to handle difficult conversations with your boss (like asking for a raise or disagreeing with them).  And it will position you to take full advantage of the leadership opportunities that show up in your life, whether that means applying for a dream role with your employer or building your own business.

I will share truths and techniques that help you uncover these powerful traits within yourself, in a way that complements the natural leadership strengths you already possess.  This isn’t about turning you into a leader to fit the latest management fad.  This is about unearthing and polishing the leadership diamond that lives in your heart, mind and soul.

Program Structure

Over 5 weeks we will embark on the 3 “I”s of the Inner Peace Project:

  • Identify the habits & preferences that may be keeping you in a state of inner confusion or turmoil
  • Inform you, with the help of specific tools and personalized assessments, about ways to bring you closer to a state of inner peace
  • Integrate this new-found knowledge into practical daily action steps

Week 1: Orientation and pre-work

After you sign up, you’ll be sent links to

  • complete a pre-program survey (Time needed: 15 minutes)
  • take a leadership style assessment  (Time needed: 10 minutes for Lite version, 40 minutes for Full version)
  • watch a technology orientation video about the online tools we’ll be using to access materials and connect with each other (Time needed: 10 minutes)

Weeks 2 to 5: Immerse yourself in the 3 “I”s of the IPP, one “I” at a time
  • You will receive your Inner Peace Project materials via email, along with a suggested completion schedule so that we can maintain momentum and get you the best possible results.
  • I will also spend some time each week to review the homework exercises and journal entries that you share with me, and you can get your questions answered live on our weekly Office Hour calls.

(Time needed: about 90 to 120 minutes each week)

Week 5: Wrap up and testify!

Once we’ve completed all the homework exercises and email coaching, I’ll send you

  • a link to complete a post-program survey (Time needed: 15 minutes)
  • an invitation for a wrap-up call.  This is where we’ll tie up any loose ends, answer any remaining questions you may have about the program and start to craft your testimonial (Time needed: 60 minutes)

What Clients Say

Maya’s coaching made me generally a happier person and more relaxed & confident in meetings. She considered me as a whole person, my emotions, communication style…and helped me be more mindful when I was challenged by change at work.


Team Director Fortune 100 Company

The Inner Peace Project has introduced me to a lot of good concepts and motivating conversations with Maya. I now have a framework and tools to help tackle the transitions that are unfolding in my career and life. The program materials have equipped me with a set of different perspectives to choose from before jumping into any situation, and have helped me not to fall back on default, knee-jerk, reactions to what life throws at me.

Cyrus Yee,

Managing Director, Silicon Valley office of global management consulting firm

If you join this beta IPP, I have these simple requests:

  • You complete the pre- and post-program survey
  • You work through the program materials with vim and vigor, and with a sincere desire to access inner peace
  • You attend the wrap-up call in the spirit of partnership
  • You approach this beta program experience with an open mind and a willing heart

I would love to see you on this Inner Peace Project and watch you tap into the fullest expression of your quietly powerful leadership.



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